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Bonus Time for Long Island Web Design Company Employees
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Due to the President’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act recently put into action, companies large and small were able to provide bonuses to their employees.  Not only bonuses, but employee benefits are being improved upon, leave time for new parents is being added or increased and  raises are being implemented, due to the overall increase in profit they will gain.  


Take home pay will also improve for many employees, due the the tax table changes, those with children will definitely see a change, because of the Child Tax Credit.  Getting money into the pockets of American people with help boost the economy, people will be more likely to buy, sell, travel, build side business, start new ones or grow existing businesses.  Here at All Marketing Experts, premier Long Island Web Design company, we are anticipating the benefits by providing bonuses to all our employees.


Our government leaders did something very basic.  They looked at what has been being done for years now. Asked themselves: “Did this work?”  And obviously came back with a resounding “NO!!”   There is an old saying that goes something like this” a sure sign of insanity is to keep doing something expecting different results”.  So, our leaders decided to do something different and expect positive results, because it make sense to them.  


In the realm of business, we have to do this a lot.  While you are thinking about your business, maybe considering some changes, ask yourself if what you are doing to market your business online is working.  If you come up with a resounding “NO!!”, then I urge you today to think about what “Act” or “Reform” you can put into play to help boost your online presence.  Maybe you need to be better optimized for search engines to be able to find you and pop you to the top of search results.  Maybe you need to punch up the look of your website. Whatever your need is, we can help, with over a decade of knowledge and experience.  Call Steve Panzella at All Marketing Experts to discuss your “Marketing Reform Act” today – 888-428-7999.

Long Island SEO Company’s CEO predicts Cryptocurrencies growth as big as Amazon

Here at All Marketing Experts, Steve Panzella (CEO) believes cryptocurrencies will grow as big as Amazon.  In 1997, when he was a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley, people laughed saying “Who’d buy books online?”, now look at Amazon.


A mysterious character named Satoshi Nakamoto, developed the ability to generate eCurrency or cryptocurrency, most popularly known as BitCoin.  No one knows who this person is, but his product is becoming more and more valuable.  Now, there are others being generated also, some being LiteCoin and Ethereum, to name a couple.  Creating eCurrency is called mining and anyone can do it, as long as they have the correct, very powerful equipment.  Mostly it is generated amongst groups of people, pooling their computer and server resources.  


Value of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies’ values grow based on its popularity, being accepted more and more as valid trade, recognized by many businesses over the globe, like and Starbucks.  Currently, it is not being controlled by any government, there is no ability to trace or tax it.  The value of cryptocurrencies is like equity investments with swings in value and market cap.  Around the world, the value remains the same, there is no difference in value from country to country.  Any transaction is not held up by a waiting period, being perused for legitimacy or security checks. The fluctuations are so great (usually UP), if exact values were discussed here and now, the facts would be false within hours or days.


Acquiring cryptocurrency

To get Bitcoins is as simple as getting a “wallet”, which is like a virtual bank account that you can keep on your computer or on a flash drive or in cloud storage.  All three storage options have their own risks, so educate yourself and choose wisely.  After getting your Bitcoins, earn them by doing little tasks, play gambling games or gather some friends and mine them.


Keep up with the times with Long Island SEO expert

Use cryptocurrency or invest in it, either way time and tech keeps changing, along with it so does marketing and SEO.  So, here at All Marketing Experts (SEO and digital marketing agency), we are ready and willing to keep you up to date on all your marketing needs.

Why Do You Need A Business Consultant?
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Good question! Why will you hire another person if your business is doing well? Many business owners resist the idea of bringing in somebody from the outside to look into their businesses and tell them what to do. But more than just “meddling” into someone’s endeavor, hiring a business consultant actually has lots of benefits.

1. Expertise
Business consultants are often experienced in the field that they are working on. What they bring to the table are results of their vast experience and training, which business owners may lack. For example, you want to bring your business from the real world to the world of bits and bytes. If you have no knowledge of how to conduct business through the internet, then your plan will just remain a dream without getting the help of someone who knows about setting up websites and marketing online.

2. Additional manpower at no extra cost
Consultants are often hired on a per-project basis. As such, you can work on a specific budget without worrying about cost overruns or paying for benefits. You can discuss budget, timeframe, and other expenditures even before you hire.

3. You have a built-in protection when it comes to results
Business consultants rely equally on their reputation as much as they depend on their skills. Their effectiveness is always measured by the results they achieve. They will not take on a job unless they know that they can deliver and they have the skill set and the tools to deliver the goods.

4. Catalyst of growth or purveyor of doom
Your business may be doing well, but does it still have the potential to grow? That’s one question that business consultants can answer for you. Entrepreneurs sometimes become so relaxed because their business is raking in profits that they fail to see that there are more opportunities to gain. On the flipside, owners can be so stubborn to see that their business is a losing proposition and the best way to survive is to set it in a completely different direction or close it to cut losses.

5. A different perspective
A business success is also determined by dynamism. There are practices that are used over and over again because they have proven their effectiveness. But like anything else in this world, there is always a room to do things better. Consultants can also help you adapt to new developments. There are changes in legislations, policies, trade agreements, and other economic factors that might have direct impact on your business. Securing the help of experts will allow you to adjust your business to become relevant.

6. Pay for the service that you need
Services offered by consultants are wide and varied. You can hire a consultant based on what you need. If you want to train your consultants on the latest marketing strategy, then you get an expert on the field of marketing. This will help you develop your staff to become more competitive and productive.

As a business and a business owner, you need to always remain competitive. The existence of your business is a reflection of how good you have managed it so far. Hiring a business consultant will provide you with fresh eyes and an entirely different point-of-view that will push you to achieve more business success.

Why MD Marketing Experts Gets to Know You Personally

What sets MD Marketing’s healthcare advertising agency services apart from our competition is that we take the time to get to know each client before we even start building a medical marketing strategy. As pioneers in providing out-of-the-box medical marketing services to doctors, MD Marketing takes care of all your branding and web design needs, but only after we get a clear picture of who you are.

We create personalized logo creation, graphic arts and programming services for our doctor website designs, catered to exactly what you need for your site. But that’s not all. As experts in both SEO and PPC, we can provide you with great internet visibility and also manage marketing material solutions for you. Our dedicated research teams of medical marketing consultants make sure that your website content is engaging and motivates readers to call for an appointment!

Our medical advertising agency experts stay on top of the best trends for communicating your services to your clients, and we can effectively incorporate both videos and photographs in your website for visual appeal and an SEO edge. Most website visitors remember photographs and videos more than the actual content itself as visuals have more of an impact. Like a well furnished waiting room in a doctor’s clinic, your medical website design serves to make the best first impression possible on your visitors.

Our list of capabilities is long. Let’s talk about your practice and see how our medical marketing services can grow your business. MD Marketing can improve your internet visibility and online lead generation. We are always looking for new ways to bring our clients more business, so contact us today at 1-888-428-7999 for your free consultation!