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Tips for High Return Marketing
Market ups and down

The world of advertising has changed faster than ever over the last decade, and many people are either finding their traditional marketing streams are running dry or are simply just trying to wrap their heads around the plethora of new promotion options seemingly appearing overnight. No one marketing strategy will work for every product in every industry, no matter how much money you can throw at it. To be effective, you need to know who you are talking to. Digital Marketing Agencies specialize in this type of information (hence why their numbers are usually so much higher) and prove that the more useful research you have, the better you can pinpoint your messaging and audience. That’s how you will really save on your marketing budget.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

                                                                                      -John Wanamaker, US department store merchant (1838 – 1922)

A good way for building analytics or testing the waters (or simply doing promotion with little investment and risk) is to focus on digital marketing strategies with extremely high return on investment ratios. This will ensure you make back you investment, and may provide valuable feedback.

Cost Effective Advertising Choices

  • Social Media

With your advertising research, you should probably have a rough idea of what social networks your target market congregates at.  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and similar sites all have very different types of, and varying levels of, interactions. Advertising on these sites can be very useful or somewhat tepid depending on whether you’re on the correct site for your market. The reason that social media makes the list is that with the right research you have the ability to talk directly to your market, meaning every dollar you spend is being spent on the right audience, that’s not something you can say about nearly any other platform.

A Digital Marketing Agency like All Marketing Experts will create professional looking profiles that hook visitors and keep them interacting with your brand. They will share, like and retweet your content all over the internet with professional level effectiveness.

  • Email marketing

Another staple of  Digital Marketing Agencies. Although it is tempting to go with some of the newer and more flashy advertising techniques, the best option to reach your audience may still be through the ‘ol email. Email marketing has remained one of the highest return-on-investment marketing efforts since roughly the late Cretaceous period. There is a reason for that. Email still dominates in ROI, with averaged ROI reportedly nearing 4,300% at times.

Get an e-mail list together, a digital marketing agency may even source lists they feel are relevant to your product , and compile the addresses. Many marketing services will help you with all the tools you’ll need to start, send and analyze email advertising campaigns.

  • Pay Per Click

By adding PPC to your marketing campaign, you will get that needed initial boost and quick first page results that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Search engines let people purchase advertising in their search results. These listings show up next to the non-paid results. You only pay when someone clicks on the ads, which can be either good or bad. If your ad or site fails to convince purchasers, than you’re paying for useless clicks. A Digital Marketing Agency can ensure your pages adequately sells your product and that your PPC ads are finding the perfect audience.

How Can PPC Complement Your Marketing Strategy?
How Can PPC Complement Your Marketing Strategy?

With the stiff competition in the internet, it is very important to rely on different effective methods of bringing your website to the top of search engine results page (SERP). In the past, internet marketers relied more on the search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to rank their websites using organic search. Although this is one proven method, relying on SEO techniques alone may take months before you actually see your website in the first three pages of search results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) offers a more direct, progressive, and effective means of making your website land in the first page of SERP. You might not just be familiar with the term, but you surely see PPC ads every time you do a search. These are the ads displayed on the uppermost part of search results as well as those on the right-hand side.

What are the Benefits of Using PPC?

PPC allows your website to rank high in search engine results in a very short period of time. By using the right keywords and effective adverts, your website can jump well ahead of the competition. Remember, internet users do not go farther than the third page of search results. Having your website on the first page will increase the possibility of your site being visited.

Secondly, PPC ads are more targeted. It means that the traffic that you will generate are more likely to avail of your product or service because they know what they are looking for and they are just searching for providers.

Thirdly, PPC campaigns can be monitored. There are different tools that you can use to determine whether the site visit resulted to a sale. Even if you don’t convert, you will also know where your visitor went after browsing your website and if s/he made a purchase in other sites. This information is vital in fine-tuning your ad campaign and the products and services that you offer.

Lastly, PPC allows you to see the fruits of your investment. Because you are paying top dollar when bidding for keywords, you will immediately know if the investment you made gives you something in return. It will help you decide whether to expand your campaign or cut your losses before your investment becomes a financial drain.

What You Need to Know to Run an Effective PPC Campaign

1.)  Know what you want to achieve. This will help streamline your overall campaign. If you’re goal is to convert visitors to customers, all other steps you will take will have this goal in mind.

2.)  Know how much you are willing to spend. Remember that you are going to pay for each click that your ad campaign generates. If your goal is to attract a thousand visitors per day, then you have to be prepared to pay the cost of 1,000 guests clicking your ads.

3.)  Know which keywords in your niche are most effective. Keywords must not only be related to what you are marketing, they must also generate a good ROI for you.

4.) Know the art of creating an effective headline. It is not enough that you have your ads on the first page of SERP. Your copy must entice readers to click the link to your website.

5.)  Know how your business is doing. Always do market research and study the results of your campaign. Always be on top of your game to make sure that you maximize on high-ROI investments and get rid of those that aren’t working.

What Can MD Marketing Experts Do For Your Medical Practice?

MD Marketing Experts is a medical advertising agency that specializes in helping medical professionals get their websites in the top rankings in search engines like Google. With search engine optimization as tricky as ever, you need a staff of medical marketing professionals that know exactly what they are doing to get your business websites ranked using your specific keywords. Some examples of keywords that should be optimized could be a dental website that specializes in tooth replacement or crowns. Our experts would take those keywords and optimize your website so that anyone looking for the services you offer would find you in the top results. People want instant results and do not want to spend a lot of time wading through search results to find what they need. We help your business get found online.

So how important is it to be on the top?
In search marketing the difference between a first page ranking (where your business shows up on the first page of search results) and the second page of results can be huge. And with Google search giving better results year after year, people are finding exactly what they need on the first page and even sometimes in the first 2-3 links that are displayed for their query. About 85% of all listings that show up on the first page in search results are organic. This means that the owner of the website is not paying to get higher rankings in the results page. You only see about 15% of paid search listings and as always, studies show that a searcher will always click on the organic links before the paid links. About 55% of search engine results have ads.

So what does all this mean?
When search results are displayed, a whopping 53% of searchers always go to the top result on the first page while the second page gets only 15% of attention of searchers. And it goes down from there with the third page getting 9% action, the fourth only 6% and down to the 5th page of results getting only 4% of the action.

The vast majority of listings in the search engine results page are organic with the majority of searchers clicking on those links in the first page listing. With all this in mind, it is crucial that you have a partner that does marketing for physicians on your side that can monitor the results and do a complete analysis. Our doctor website designs are proven to be effective in marketing healthcare practices. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and if you don’t have a team of medical marketing specialists to keep you on top, you could end up on the second, third, or even 5th page of results where no one will find you.

MD Marketing Experts is a full-service healthcare ad agency for your medical practice. We get to know all the ins and outs of your business. You’ll get constant communication with follow ups and straight forward pricing with no hidden surprises. It’s a personalized service like no other SEO marketing company offers. MD Marketing Experts focus only on the medical and health industry and that gives an advantage over the other guys that will do SEO for anyone regardless of the business. Our medical marketing consultants are highly focused on your industry’s needs.

So don’t waste any more time or money on large firms that don’t even take the time to learn more than your credit card number. Let MD Marketing Experts be a partner in your future success. Contact us today at 888-428-7999 for a free consultation!