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Why Are Research and Content Important for Your Practice?
Research and Content

The key to a great medical website is its content.  What is content?  All the words on your site from your home page to your list of services to your blog posts.  It’s important that this content be informative, engaging, and motivate your potential patient to interact with you. It needs to have a call to action, prompting them to call to schedule an appointment or make a purchase.  If you don’t have the right information on your site – if it’s inaccurate, misleading, or simply outdated – it could be hurting you financially.

Before any content is created, the healthcare advertising agency consultants at MD Marketing Experts perform exhaustive and extensive research on your business and the services that you offer.  We learn your business inside and out to be able to effectively communicate the value of your products and services.

Next, our medical marketing consultants create content that your potential clients can easily read and understand. We can craft messaging for your website, blog, and even print media. Content writing is truly one of the most important aspects of building a successful online website for your business.

Skillfully crafting effective content takes time and experience.  And it should be updated weekly to stay fresh and attract more visitors.  MD Marketing Experts know that as a medical professional that your time is very valuable.  As part of our medical marketing services, our content creation team takes care of this part of your business and lets you focus on what you do best – helping patients.

Good content will also boost your website’s Google rankings and is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization.  Our medical advertising agency consultants know what words to use on your website that are proven to attract visitors. The better the content and the more relevant it is to your business and services, the easier you’ll be to find when people are looking for what you offer.

MD Marketing Experts’ medical marketing experience gives us the edge that allows us to effectively create engaging and professional content with limited guidance from you. Additionally our doctor website designs are proven effective for the healthcare and medical industry.  We let you focus on building your business and creating long lasting relationships with your patients while MD Marketing Experts does all the hard work of getting them to choose your products and services.

If you like the idea of an experienced, dedicated, and self-managed writing team working on your practice’s marketing materials, contact MD Marketing Experts today at 888-428-7999 to schedule a free consultation.

5 Successful Website Tips for Doctors

Services can be especially difficult to sell as they are mostly intangible and it’s hard for potential new patients to know if a provider can live up to his promises. If you make an effort to reach out to your target market, however, you can start building a relationship before they ever step foot through your door. This is especially true of healthcare providers, as they need to be able to develop patients’ trust before they can grow their client base.

Marketing for physicians should be top of mind when planning their business strategies. Websites are a great way to reach patients and provide them with information on how you can improve their lives. The key is to present information in a clear manner that the patient understands and to make your website as interactive as possible. Every patient has unique needs, and more often than not, you will have to provide information that speaks to those needs. Doctors who intend to have a website need to make sure their services are easy to understand and that scheduling an appointment or requesting more information is simple.

A website will go a long way in grabbing patients’ attention and convincing them to choose you as their healthcare provider. Read on for 5 successful website tips that can put your site a step above the rest.

Website Layout

For anyone looking to do online medical marketing, the layout of your website holds great importance. If visitors cannot intuitively navigate and use your website, they will most likely hit the “back” button and look at your competitors. Searching for a new doctor can be something of a stressful process, so if you have a medical website design that is easy to use with contact information prominently displayed, your visitors are more likely to become patients.


More than just pretty decoration, colors play an important role in how a medical website design is perceived. Simple color schemes are not only in style right now, but will also make clients think “clean,” and “professional,” which is exactly how a doctor’s office should be thought of. Graphics should also be used in order to break the monotony of text. It’s true that visitors may be looking for information, but a long block of text is sure to drive them away. You could also try an infographic to get a complicated point across.

Relevant Information

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often irrelevant information shows up on websites which is confusing and distracting for visitors. If, for instance, you are a doctor of autoimmune diseases, you must make sure that your website has articles, blogs and detailed information of the many autoimmune diseases that are out there. Stay focused on your offerings and expertise. Taking the time to provide useful content builds you up as an authority figure to visitors looking for information. Working with a medical marketing consultant can help you learn how to effectively add content to your site.


Whether it is face to face or through technology, the way we interact plays a huge part in our lives. Interactive websites are popular because they provide visitors a chance to ask questions that may not be readily available on the website itself. A chat room for consultation between a doctor and patient, or a simple way of booking an appointment online can really increase your client base.


Many popular health and medicine websites now have forums where different patients can talk to each other and discuss their conditions. Forums can be an important part of a doctor website designs as they provide a great platform for patients and physicians to connect and discuss issues and concerns.

Want to increase you’re site’s effectiveness but don’t know how to get started? Contact MD Marketing’s medical website design experts today for a free consultation at 1-888-428-7999.