Business Consulting


A business is not all about marketing and “image”. There are several other factors that you should take into consideration when assessing the effectiveness and power of your brand. We at All Marketing Experts take pride in the thoroughness we put into examining your business from top to bottom. We aim at understanding the critical areas on where to act to achieve the best possible results in terms of revenue and effectiveness of your brand.

All Marketing Experts can assist any type of business. We’ve worked with many different kinds of companies and agencies in a broad range of industries. Let’s look at an example of our work with one of our clients in the medical field.


One of our high profile clients – Dr. Michael Fiorillo, a celebrity plastic surgeon out of New York – hired us to completely revamp his brand and marketing strategy. Aside from the typical suspects like ads and SEO, we went deeper and assessed how his potential customers were interacting with his automated phone answering system. After various testing, we determined that customers were far more receptive when a live receptionist answered the phone, and the change was implemented. We even made changes to the waiting room music, splicing in informative audio snippets about Dr. Fiorillo between tracks to keep customers focused.

Every business is extremely different and needs a customized strategy, but here’s an idea of what we can do for you:

  • Evaluate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems
  • Evaluate existing marketing materials and make improvements
  • Identify new lead generation channels
  • Evaluate overall environment and perception
  • Evaluate and improve existing advertising efforts
  • Much more

Our clients get the results they want. If you need help in boosting your bottom line, contact us today at 888-428-7999, to schedule a free consultation and complementary website audit. Let our team of expert marketing consultants help you!